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HARD MINIMAL #46 by RODRIGO QUINONEZ (Re-set Audio / Banm / US)
December 16, 2014 12:49 PM PST
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Rodrigo is someone who should be listened to closely. As a dj he crosses many music styles - ranging from deep electronica to much darker and assertive notes. Though his sound is hard to pigeonhole, as a constant, his signature approach to heavy rhythm always pulses through.

In El Salvador he began playing at popular and curve-shifting weekly and monthly parties as well as much larger scale events held in San Salvador's nightlife hot spots. Later, after continuously taking energetic sound home to E.S., he debuted his techno affair RE~SET in San Francisco, partnering with Steven Campodonico and Simon Moore.

His intent to draw from the energy in subtleties fuels his productions and so, he's co-created the RE~SET Audio label with Campodonico, as a direct outlet for his sound.

Tracklist :
01) Kiki - Living On FFWD (Original Mix) [Bpitch Control]
02) Rodrigo Quinonez - Contrails (Original Mix) [RE~SET Audio]
03) Miro Pajic - Digits (Nino Blink Remix) [HiFi Stories]
04) Steven Campodonico - Mud Pie (Original Mix) [RE~SET Audio]
05) Alex Piccini - Chicken (Original Mix) [Eminor Rescue Mission]
06) Monika Kruse - Alo (Original Mix) [Play My Track Recordings]
07) Carbon - Crushin (Rodrigo Quinonez Remix) [RE~SET Audio]
08) Handall - Phlutdroid (Rodrigo Quinonez Remix) [RE~SET Audio]
09) Paul Kremers - Epic Story (Original Mix) [Dunkle Imperium]
10) Perc - Sticklebrick (Original Mix) [Drumcode]
11) Gayle San - Cielo (Mark Reeve Remix) [Play My Track Recordings]
12) Xenum - Save The World (Alejandro Trebor Remix) [Brickwork]
13) Tommy Four Seven & James Kronier - Wraith (Original Mix) [Shooting Elvis]

HARD MINIMAL #45 by F.AKISSI & M.AKISSI (Shout Records / Sound of Techno / fr)
November 16, 2014 07:54 AM PST
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Tracklist :
1.F.Akissi & M.Akissi - No Gain (Original mix) [Alhena Records] (Promo)
2.F.Akissi & M.Akissi - Rebond (Original mix) [Alhena Records] (Promo)
3.F.Akissi & M.Akissi - Stranger (Original mix) [Shout Records]
4.F.Akissi - Juicy (Mikael Pfeiffer remix) [Shout Records]
5.Flug - Sincrodestino (Original mix) [CLR]
6.Luix Spectrum - Technocracy (Electrorites remix) [Hybrid Confusion]
7.Matt Mus - X09 (Original mix) [Pragmatik Recordings] (Promo)
8.Strobetech - Orbital Darkness (Silvano Scarpetta remix) [Klangspektrum Records]
9.Knop AP - 1312 (Silvano Scarpetta remix) [Graviton Audio]
10. Alex Lemar - Tandem (Silvano Scarpetta remix) [Rewashed LTD] (Promo)
11. Leon Boose - Befehle von Unten (F.Akissi & M.Akissi remix) [Dope]

HARD MINIMAL #44 by MORDRED (Divided / Lethal Dose Recordings / DE)
October 18, 2014 12:49 AM PDT
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Tracklist :

01) Mordred - Intro
02) Mordred - Rampant [Deep electronics]
03) Grdnstrt- Treppenwitz [Unreleased]
04) Sinkers - Memento Mori [Shinocs Music]
05) Radioslave - Transistor Rhythm [City Noises]
06) Eran Ben Zeev - I am here [Finefood Records Digital]
07) Nacho Monetto - Eudaimonia [Kollektiv Artists]
08) Traversable Wormhole - Tachyon [CLR]
09) Mordred - Odd M (Original) [Unreleased]
10) Sinkers - Nocturnal [Shinocs Music]
11) Annos Woland - Exorcism [Noctambular]
12) Grdnstrt - Bolt [Unreleased]
13) Traversable Wormhole - Superluminal [CLR]
14) Mordred - Obnoxious (Original) [Unreleased]

HARD MINIMAL #43 by FUSKY (Brood Audio / Avanced / UK)
September 17, 2014 01:36 AM PDT
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Tracklist :

1. Edit Select - Asperity (Edit Select & Markus Suckut Reprise) - Prologue
2. VSK - Commander Of Nowhere (Original Mix) - Newrhythmic Records
3. Impact Unit - Tenshin (Original Mix) - Silent Steps
4. Crab Nebula - Quantum Distance (Original Mix) - Belief System Records
5. NX1 - NX1 06 018 (Original Mix) - Nexe Records
6. Agony Forces - Kibera (Ness Remix) - End Of Dayz Records
7. Bas Mooy - Rage (Original Mix) - Mord
8. Fusky - ?
9. Mono Region - Region 2 (Ticket To Mars) - Belief System Records
10.Octave - 3010 (Yan Cook Remix) - Silent Steps
11.Exium - Nucleoid (Jonas Kopp Remix) - Pole Group
12.Oscar Mulero - 91-61-91 (Original Mix) - Warm Up Recordings
13.Perc & Truss - Van Der Valk (Original Mix) - Perctrax
14.Ryuji Takeuchi - Kijk (Measure Devide Remix_ - Brood Audio
15.Exium - Massless Particle (Oscar Mulero Remix) - Pole Group
16.Forward Strategy Group - Learned (Original Mix) - M_Rec Ltd
17.Rrose - Mirror (Original Mix) [Eaux]
18.Joachim Spieth - Never Mind (Urbano Remix) - Affin
19.Fusky - Ether

HARD MINIMAL #42 by Tom Eirh (Blacklisted audio / Elektrax / FR)
August 16, 2014 03:19 AM PDT
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Tom Eirh is a young producer from France.
His tracks soundsTechno and correspond to his generation.Tom is played and supported by many DJs such as Axel Karakasis, Octave, A-brothers or else Angy Kore... He signed his first EP in 2009, then chained productions and remixes out on many label as Amazone, Remain, Silent Steps, N.O.I.A and Italo Business. Today, Tom Eirh occurs increasingly in popular locations of France and is beginning to be recognized by his peers who ask for remixes and collaborations Live.

Tracklist :

1 Mark Fanciulli-Chord Kaoss (Original Mix)
2 Len Faki-Stripped (Original Mix)
3 Johannes Heil -Dirty (Original Mix)
4 Tom Eirh - Haze (original mix)
5 Elyptik Trevors - Weapon Trafficking (Tom Eirh remix)
6 Hystericmaniak - Skultura (Frankyeffe Remix)
7 Sasha Carassi - Cube (Original Mix)
8 Peter Kneer, Chriz Koegler - Mighty Storm (Linus Quick remix)
9 Tom Eirh - Cannibals Chapter 2
10 Cortechs, Hackler - In The Basement (Original Mix)
11 Luix Spectrum - Ira (Dario Sorano Remix)
12 Tom Laws - Breaking Shadows (Mars Bill Remix)

HARD MINiMAL #41 by Ian Cris (plazma/plunk/monocline/fr)
July 11, 2014 12:17 PM PDT
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Born in the 70'S, Ian Cris is an artist from the south of France who builts his music over Techno and Minimal backgrounds. Lucky presenting his work in clubs as a duo with Yo Montero up to 2012... This is now as a single artist he continues developing his style and shows us a work who makes us vibrate through some powerful dark sounds and vocals, generating sometime a very tenebrous and rhythmic atmosphere.
Signed on labels like Monocline, Nulabel or Rectangular Records he performed these last years invited with artists like Oscar Mulero, Alexander kowalski, Derrick May, Paul Kalkbrenner, Sascha Funke, Kiki and many more.


01 - Ian cris - Busy Runner ( Rafa Remix )
02 - Joseph Zolho_Mente_Brutal_Original_Mix
03 - Ian Cris - Pakalolo Schrimp
04 - Splatter, Memnok_Horus_Original Mix
05 - Florian MSK_Incantationism_Original Mix
06 - Der Denker_Locust_Original Mix
07 - Steven Campodonico, Iry_Fallen_Hope_Original_Mix
08 - Dadive_Itching_Pains_Original_Mix
09 - Maksim Dark_Hasty_Step_Original_Mix
10 - Steven Campodonico_Vile_Of_Poison_Original_Mix
11 - Sinkers_Underground_Original_Mix
12 - Florian MSK_5455_Original mix

Hard MINiMAL #40 by Brainsucker (blacklisted/mekanism/fr)
June 12, 2014 09:30 AM PDT
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1 Nyra - Uno

2 Ixel - Perfide

3 Maan - Jackin'

4 Mathias Woot - SWD (Psyk Dubbed Out rmx)

5 Alex Under - Nao Ha Macerieiras No Pais Da Sidra

6 Dax J, Chris Stanford - Programm (Truss Remix)

7 Secluded - Confront

8 Johannes Heil - Lifesigns Pt.3

9 Coeter One - 61 (Mike.G Alt Remix)

10 Ben Clock - SubZero

11 Len Faki, Markus Suckut - Skull 3

12 Alexender D'Neil - Klona (Truncate rmx)

13 Yann Cook - Release Attack

14 Radio Slave - Don't Stop No Sleep

15 Cosmin TRG - Noise Code (Lee Gamble Rmx)

16 Johannes Heil - Lifesigns Pt.1

17 Johannes Heil & Len Faki - Maniac

18 Sync Therapy - Valse

19 Octogone - Mabako

20 Frankyeffe - Accelerate (Ant Prescott rmx)




HARD MINiMAL #39 by J. Sachreiter (hex/darker sounds/fr)
May 10, 2014 09:15 AM PDT
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J.Sachreiter has been dj'ing for years . He discovered dark techno in London and became really passionate about it. Then back in France, music became a big part of his life. He started to organize partys and played in many clubs and afterpartys with some big names like Octave,Virgil Einzinger, Daegon, Ascion.
He started his own production a few years ago, and has recently signed his first release in 2013 on Hefty's label - Darker Sounds. Now owner of his very own underground club in the south of France, he is trying to push forward the music he loves.

1) Felix Lorusso - Multople Oppression (CoeterOne Remix)
2) Scalameriya - 42-42-564 (Original mix)
3) Dubit - Boomland (Tiari Remix)
4) MikeWall - Kasper (Coeter One Remix)
5) Squad - Submarine (Original Mix)
6) Coeter One - Arms (Tiari Remix)
7) Planctophob - Acupuncture (Gruener Starr Remix)
8) Mental vision - Ad Fawef (Original Mix)
9) Florian MSK - Ahriman Foundry RailRoad Co (Original Mix)
10) Shayh - Hail Techno (Original Mix)
11) Tiari - Holes Like Shadows (Hefty Remix)
12) Eros Marez - Bloom Boo (Original Mix)
13) Mike Maass - Artillery (BrettHit Remix)

HARD MINIMAL #38 by Luix Spectrum ((Techno Hub Records/Wicked Waves/ARM)
April 13, 2014 06:05 AM PDT
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Luis Guillermo López, with him artist name Luix Spectrum, Colombian Dj producer pioneer of Dark - Techno - Minimal - Progressive in Armenia, Quindio, He focused on electronic music since 2003, previously played on soundtracks of Rock, Metal , Hardcore, from 2000 until 2003, He learned to play guitar, drums. The year 2004 took Dj classes in BEATDJ where He motivated to experience with DJ software and music production which empirically He learned to use FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Platinum, Reason, by mid-2008, He studied sound engineer at the Fernando Sor Bogotá, learning to use Sonar, Cubase and MIDI controllers. There He began his Hard Techno and Schranz Djs career with A.K.A (Infector-X) him current name is Perkubazztor. He has shared the stage with national and international DJ's on the scene of the Hard Techno, Schranz, Techno, Minimal and House.

In early January 2009, He started producing Techno and its derivatives like Tech Minimal - Tech House - Progressive Techno - Dark Techno and others, giving a touch of hard, strong sounds, dark & industrial and now he is working with record labels recognized


Gene Karz - Bereavement (Darpa ''Back To Hard'' Remix) [Naughty Pills Records]
Alessandro Spaiani - Instability (Luix Spectrum Remix) [Criminal Zone Records]
Luix Spectrum & Cristian Glitch - Technocracy (Electrorites Remix) [Hybrid Confusion]
Darpa & Angy Kore - Earthquake (Original Mix) [Different Is Better]
Hardom - Dunkle Hart (Darpa's Letal Repaint) [Shout Records]
Kevin Witt - Leiterbahn (Luix Spectrum Remix) [TK Records]
Toby Rost - Take Anyway (Darpa Remix) [Rewashed Ldt]
2Loud - Plutonium (Uakoz Remix) [Cypher]
Luix Spectrum - Luxury (Diatek Remix) [Wicked Waves Recordings]
DOM1 - Supernatural Occurences (Luix Spectrum Remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
Luix Spectrum & Cristian Glitch - Technocracy (Drumloch Remix) [Hybrid Confusion]
Niereich & A-Brothers - Trinity Test (Sven Wittekind Mix) [Audio Stimulation]

HARD MINiMAL #37 by Remy Kruyer (wall music/stolen moments/NL)
March 10, 2014 02:38 AM PDT
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Son of a professional drummer, Remy was surrounded by music making at a young age. Studying many different kinds of music, he began to discover electronic music at the age of 12 and soon after bought his first technics and was buying records every weekend. Techno became the weapon of choice, influenced by early Detroit, Germany, Sweden and Italy.

With his strong passion for DJing he began to secure sets alongside some of the finest names around, having played on bills with…

MARKUS SUCKUT [SCKT/EarToGround/Figure/Modularz Stroboscopic Artefacts]
SIGHA [Our Circula Sound/Avian/Blueprint/Hotflush]
MIKE WALL [Wall Music/De-Konstrukt/Hidden/Reloading/Sleaze/Tic Tac Toe]
BAS MOOY [Audio Assault/Brood Audio/Mote-Evolver/Perc Trax/Silent Steps]

Production soon followed and he’s gaining a head of steam to say the least, releasing on Stolen Moments, Wall Music and DEAD CERT. Records remixed by Heron and Miss Sunshine. His latest offering on Parlez Music, sister to Decoy Records by Rebekah in Berlin includes remixes from Mike Wall and Jeff Rushin.

Expect plenty more quality releases in the near future…

For bookings and requests please send an email to


1. Nima Khak - Tribe Called Quest
2. Tomas Rubeck - Inster 03 (Mattias Fridell remix)
3. Rraph - White blood cells
4. Adam Beyer - Split
5. Pjotr G & Dubiosity - Wachs (Ground Loop remix)
6. Remy Kruyer - Into the system
7. Kwartz - Decadent grey (Conrad van Orton silent dub remix)
8. Advanced Human - Eternal Loneliness (Damon Wild remix)
9. Samuli Kemppi - Last Day On Earth
10.Psyk - Eclipse
11.Advanced Human - Fabryka
12.Adam Beyer - Remainings III
13.Advanced Human - Kairo
14.Synthek & Audiolouis - B2
15.Rraph - Eseries (Kwartz remix)
16.Chris Colburn - Stick or Twist

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