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HARD MINIMAL #67 by PEAT NOISE (Naughty Pills records/Npr limitless/HGR)
August 19, 2016 09:00 AM PDT
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DJ, Producer and Label Owner of

Tracklist :

ReneHell - Construction (Original Mix)
MOT3K - Uppercut (Original Mix)
GabeeN - Don't Say a Word (Original Mix)
GabeeN - Narcotize (Original Mix)
MOT3K - V!CT!M93 (Original Mix)
Darmec - Cytosine (Original Mix)
Deh-Noizer - Abuse (Original Mix)
Hellboy & Andre Grandeza - Forest (Deh-Noizer Remix)
Dandi & Ugo vs Marika Rossa - Nice & Love (Mike Rud Remix)
Marco De Luca - Negotiate (Original Mix)
IG Noise - Deep Throat (Peat Noise Remix)
Ekomatik - Toxic Punch (Peat Noise Remix)►

Booking contacts, promo/releases and remix requests:
peatnoise@gmail.com // info@peatnoise.com

HARD MINIMAL #66 by VAN MORPH (Focus Records/GR)
August 17, 2016 10:10 AM PDT
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Van Morph is basically, a Techno project . His sound is minimalistic, experimental, dark and deep with atmos and low frequencies.


HARD MINIMAL #65 by CUBEX (Darker Sounds/D.M.T. Records)
August 11, 2016 10:58 AM PDT
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Grewing up in a musically parenthood, Cubex inherited his passion for music in very young years. After some short but intense journeys into different music styles he discovered his dedication for electronic music in the early 90ies. Starting with House, Detroit and Techno, he finally found himself in the middle of something called Drum&Bass whereupon a huge love story was born. Using the pseudonym Rufftex, he played on gigs all over Switzerland and worked enthusiastically as promoter for many regional events. Since 2009 he is co-owner of the music label Perkussiv which is responsible for several successful releases in the Drum&Bass sector.
On his restless search for THE perfect sound and permanent contrasts to the brutal D&B basses he finally discovered his passion for Minimal. Almost at the same time, in 2009, he began to operate under the pseudonym Cubex and his first gigs in the Minimal scene took place. Starting as a secondary project, this music style gained importance and turned into an indelible part of his life. Thanks to the cooperation with the party organizer Positive Force, Cubex had the unique possibility to organize numerous successful events in his home town where he was involved as DJ and promoter. During three years he collected valuable experiences in this business and dived into the different subgenres of Minimal music until he finally found his musical illumination - and from one moment to another everything made sense : From now on his unique, multi-faceted style was born. Today Cubex stands for creative but daring combinations of different music styles which reflect his musical roots and personality : In search of the perfect beat he connects the rhythmical, driving influences of House, Techno and Breakbeat with hypnotic, dark atmospheres from different sound styles. Since the re-opening in 2012 Cubex is an integral part as well as resident DJ in the club Ohm10 in Bienne, where he plays regulary. In this moving times he also started to produce his own music and founded the party series Dark Park, an innovative event for dark Techno & Minimal lovers with popular artists from all over the world, which happens regulary in his home club in Bienne!
With his own productions Cubex keeps his fingers on the pulse of the times: Until now he signed all his tunes on well-known labels such as Concepto Hipnotico, Darker Sounds Records, DMT Records or Login Records. Like a space research expert Cubex is discovering outlandish worlds, exploring the neverending dimensions of electronic music and combining the different, inspiring elements to his very own, personal style. As the universe his music reflects some kind of timelessness : Instead of taking over existing tunes he is reinventing his unique sound all the time, again and again, and this defines exactly his motivation - the motivation to make full use of the incredible diversity, the endless range of the world of music.

HARD MINIMAL #64 by JC LAURENT (Hidden Recordings/Rohmaterial/Translucent/FR)
June 18, 2016 02:01 AM PDT
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A native of the French Riviera (Nice) and resident of La Nuit Rouge & Vision Music. It has proven itself alongside world renowned artists like Ben Klock, Nina Kraviz, Luke Slater, Lucy, Dasha Rush, DVS1 and many others ... You can find it on Hidden Recordings (New York) with a remix of the legendary Fred P. AKA Black Jazz Consortium for his EP "From Nice To Berlin" as well as a remix of Tom Diccico (the Corner / Run Out Run) for his new EP "Southside".

For all inquiries for a possible booking thank you to contact : ahm@madhomeagency.com

Promo : jclaurent.promo [at] gmail.com


01. Christopher Bissonnette - Jour Et Nuit (Original Mix) [Balance Music]
02. Etapp Kyle - Ahora (Original Mix) [Unterton]
03. Cio D'Or - Tomorrow Was Yesterday (Svreca Remix) [Semantica Records]
04. Marcel Dettmann - Iso (Original Mix) [Ostgut Ton]
05. Mark Broom - She Don't Like The Collar (Markus Suckut Remix)
06. Tripeo - Lugom [Pole Recordings]
07. Anthony Parasole - Typhoon [Ostgut Ton]
08. Peter Van Hoesen - Shadows & Concern (Original Mix) [Time To Express]
09. Israel Vines - Unscathed (Original Mix) [Eye Teeth]
10. Deep'a & Biri - Lightsdown (Original Mix) [Black Crow Recordings]
11. CNCPT - Foreign Drum Sequence 1 [Modularz]
12. Setaoc Mass - Binary (Original Mix) [DYAD]
13. Planetary Assault Systems - Black Tea (Original Mix) [Ostgut Ton]
14. Tensal - Inertia 1 (Original Mix) [Kynant Records]
15. Spencer Parker - Sllly Club Song No.6 (Original Mix) [Rekids]
16. Surgeon - Search [Blueprint]
17. Electric Rescue - Texture Shot (Inigo Kennedy Remix) - Skryptom

HARD MINIMAL #63 by ELECTRORITES (Nightmare Factory Records/IT)
May 18, 2016 10:25 AM PDT
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DJ, Producer and Label Owner of Shout Records and with Deh-Noizer of Nightmare Factory Records


HARD MINIMAL #62 by CASUAL TREATMENT (Nachtstrom Schallplatten // Lunar Project// FR)
April 11, 2016 08:21 AM PDT
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Casual Treatment is all about Techno.

Paris born Dj & Producer based in South of France, Melvyn started listening to electronic music at age of 10 and discovered Techno 3 years later and directly felt in love with this music.

Inspired by UK and Spanish sounds and influenced by artists as Ben Sims, Oscar Mulero or AnD to name a few, Melvyn has no boundaries.

He started first mixing at 16. Then, one year later, he became resident of the famous Inox Club Toulouse as a duo (CROWD), making warm-up or closings for artists like Ben Sims, Sigha, Tommy Four Seven..

After 2 years mixing, at 18, he wanted to start making his own productions. He met Marla Singer that took him under his wing, and gave him his passion for production.
Melvyn decided then to create this new project, Casual Treatment. Focused on dynamic and hypnotic techno.

In November 2015, Marla Singer & Casual Treatment was closing Inox for Oscar Mulero and Tommy Four Seven.

In 2016, Casual Treatment's first releases in collaboration with his friend will be released on labels as Nachtstrom Shallplatten and Unknown Territory to name a few, with also vinyl pressing.


HARD MINIMAL #61 by JAN UNDERWOOD (Concepto Hypnotico/Wall Music/DE)
March 20, 2016 09:09 AM PDT
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Jan's passion for music started at an early age and it was clear that music would play a large part in is his life!

Learning to play instruments, rock music and starting various bands formed the musical spectrum of his early years.
However, the gates to electronic music opened and with growing enthusiasm the sounds of psytrance, goa and progressive infected him. His intensive passion for those sounds was the main reason that he started to decided to try his hand at music production. At 20, his first tunes made their way out of his speakers and his fascination for producing was born.

A slow change towards to techno came about in his mid 20's, replacing psytrance entirely thereafter.
From then on, techno of a ever increasing level was produced and celebrated, as well as his first DJ sets.

2011 saw Underwood's first official release „The Butcher“ on Darker Sounds Records(UK)

In the years that followed, he had many releases and co-productions. Jan Underwood started to make a name for himself on the national and international circuit, with club and festival gigs across Europe.

Alongside diverse remixes, podcasts and compilations, his music is also available at all major online stores (itunes, amazon, juno download, beatport etc.)

Since 2015 under contract with „Uncut“ booking agency:


01. Rraph - Var (OriginalMix)
02. NHB & Pascal Nuzzo - Shoreline (Sin Sin Remix)
03. Obi Baby - Combustion (Ricardo Garduno Remix)
04. Keith Carnal - Onwards (OriginalMix)
05. Fixon - X06 (Ixel Remix)
06. Roberto Capuano - Complex (Cari Lekebusch Remix)
07. Rraph - Helheim (OriginalMix)
08. Felix Lorusso - Wcyjsu (Flug Remix)
09. Fusky - Aspirin (Kostas Maskalides Remix)
10. Kostas Maskalides - Red District (OriginalMix)
11. M.Fukuda - Crusaders (OriginalMix)
12. Fixeer - Fragment (Wirrwarr Remix)
13. Bodyscrub & Pascal Nuzzo - Believe (Keith Carnal Remix)
14. M.Fukuda - Diamond is Unbreakable (Space DJz Remix)
15. Scuba - Black on Black (Len Faki Remix)

February 24, 2016 10:45 AM PST
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Marcel Locust is a techno DJ/producer from Stuttgart, Germany. He started spinning various styles of electronic music in the summer of 2012. After visiting Lehmann Club for the first time, his approach changed and he knew that the direction he wanted to take was to play pure and straight techno. With practice, Marcel's skills improved and that lead to the first booking requests for private parties and raves. But to really explore his passion for this genre he decided to started producing. That lead to his first release in 2013 on the label 'Solid Groove Records'. Releases on well-known labels such as Luix Spectrum's 'Wicked Waves Recordings' or Pedro Delgardo's 'Yin Yang Records' followed.
Since then he has become part of the 'Discostoff' events in Stuttgart and played at famous clubs such as the Butan in Wuppertal or the ToY in Stuttgart.


HARD MINIMAL #59 by KON UP (Psicodelica/Harvibal/Plunk!/ARG)
January 17, 2016 06:14 AM PST
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Kon up aka Juan Ossana (1989) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
At the age of 16 he started to djing, taking classes at Escuela Sonica (an electronic music school, Buenos Aires). Two years later, he decided to start making his own tracks, he did an electronic music career at the same school.
His styles are Minimal, Techno and Tech House.
After a few years producing he reached the Beatport Minimal TOP 100 and had a lot of featured releases in the main page of that style. His best position was the number 17 with a remix that he did for the german guys "M.a.m.i.".
More music is coming.



1_ Ovi M - Feline Frenzy (Guti Legatto & TekNoize Remix)
2_ Guti Legatto, Michael Duck - Comparsa (Original Mix)
3_ Phonotrip - Abstract Love (Original Mix)
4_ K.A.M.A. - Soulmatra (Original Mix)
5_ LGML - Too Much (Roy Rosenfeld's Rave Rework)
6_ 2Dave - Samoa (Original Mix)
7_ Pablo Say - Red Planet (Original Mix)
8_ Nosegrab - Big Day (Original Mix)
9_ Artur Nikolaev - Caught (Original Mix)
10_ Aney F. - Sin In The City (Original Mix)
11_ Oscar Poulsen - Old Young (Stefano Crabuzza Mix)

HARD MINIMAL #58 by WEX I0 (Abstract/FR)
December 14, 2015 10:39 PM PST
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[ Wex 10 ] is a young Techno producer based in France. His tracks are already playlisted on a CLR podcast made by Chris liebing. Influenced by New Beat and everything related to the underground, [Wex 10] installs a captivating atmosphere during his dj-sets. The future looks bright fort his upcoming techno producer [ Wex 10 ]

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