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HARD MINIMAL #57 by BRUNO LEDESMA (Concepto Hipnotico / Dark & Sonorous, ARG)
November 09, 2015 11:20 PM PST
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Producer and DJ born in 1991 in Buenos Aires, living in Neuquén since 2000. Bruno started doing music at age 17, in 2010 he's started selling its first releases on Beatport with his cousin Lucas Ezequiel, after that, he started to play format duo in the underground movement on his city, playing at small private parties, also in clubs, bars and radios.
Parallel from 2010-2012 produced many tracks and remixes for various labels of international stature as Shout Records (Italy), NuLabel (Spain), Lethal Dose (Russia), Freitag Limited (Amsterdam), giving to him an interesting and unexpected recognition around world.
After a temporary separation with Lucas, seeking to define their own sound and identity (in April 2012) decided to open his own digital label called Concepto Hipnotico. After the success of the first releases and support of great artists, Concepto it grows and establishes (inside and outside Argentina) as a potential record label. From the beginning until today have released their music over 80 different artists, among them are: Dandi & Ugo, Ixel, Re: Axis, Splatter, Felix Lorusso, Antonio Ruscito, Sebastian Cohen, among many others.

Returning to the local reality, during the middle to the end of 2012, Bruno was part of the cycle of techno parties Puntoclub, where he appeared repeatedly with long and intense mixes for a large and demanding public, which allowed him to perfect his technique and management of dance floor quickly.

2013 and 2014 were also very positive years, he made his first long trips away from his hometown, one of them gave was to play at Osa Club (recognized point of Mendoza) and Mas Bass (Olivos, Buenos Aires). He also joined with Axel Apolonio, as resident of the renowned techno party Bing Bang Groove where he shared booth with artists like: Tommy Four Seven, Alex Bau, Splatter, Mekas, Jorge Ciccioli, Mariano DC, Udolph, Rodrigo DP, XHEI, Margot, between many others.
Currently it organizes the events of Concepto Hipnotico, presenting live to the audience of Neuquen, musical and artistic proposal from the label with local and national artists.

Bruno’s style (both live and in their productions) is characterized by combining abstract textures and atmospheres, usually on a strong bass line, generating a deep and hypnotic atmosphere and intense at the same time.
In the stage, Bruno is spacious and versatile, adapting him to the place and time, he can play from slow and groovy sounds to pass through an intermediate term, but mostly its goal is create moments of great musical intensity generating with the public a very strong connection.

01. Florian Msk - Passerelle 77 (Original Mix) [D.M.T Records]
02. Damon - Majestic (Joerg Coon Remix) [Twisted Recordings]
03. Advanced Human - 1st Perception (Original Mix) [Gynoid Audio]
04. YYYY - Invite (Original Mix) [Unreleased promo]
05. Ascion - Mind Mapping (Original Mix) [Labrynth]
06. JC Laurent - 1 Weapons (Mattias Fridell Remix) [Rohmaterial Digital]
07. Nina Kraviz - Prozimokampleme (Original Mix) [Trip]
08. Julixo - Grey Planet (Original Mix) [Subosc]
09. Pfirter - Universe (Original Mix) [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
10. Unidivixion - Monologo (Original Mix) [Parallel Thoughts]
11. Roberto Clementi - THD (Original Mix) [Hypercolour]
12. Twan Thijssen - Pick Up (Original Mix) [Twisted Recordings]
13. H. Paul - Candela (Bruno Ledesma Remix) [ALSS]
14. Ledd, Bruno Ledesma - Signal (Original Mix) [Dystopian Rhythm]
15. Bruno Ledesma - Djonc (Original Mix) [Dark and Sonorous Recordings]


HARD MINIMAL #56 by SUBCHAIN (Black Circus / Pragmatik/DE)
November 09, 2015 11:14 PM PST
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Robin Scholz aka Subchain began his DJ career in 2006 and secured quite early the residence in Club Mammoth in Balve, where he annually organizes the legendary afterhours Mixery Cave.
Subchain stands in musical vision for a techno-volcano just waiting to break out. Driving, brutal and thrilling sets are distinguished from the young Sauerland, who brings to the New Floor repeatedly to the quake.
A great leap in the career he made as a floor host in the successful CLR party series called Sound of butane in Wuppertal cult club butane. There he proved himself every month among countless newcomers as absolute dancefloor machine as if there were no tomorrow.
It was time for larger projects, he played alongside Torsten Kanzler in Berlin club Tresor, won under a pseudonym Electro tool to remix contest with Dubfire on his label SCI + TEC Digital Audio and secured a contract with the agency Black Circus, the Mike Maass & Intense Pressure was founded.
Currently Subchain working hard on his next productions and blows continued the walls of clubs across Germany! How will it look like in 10 years?


HARD MINIMAL #55 by FREDDY HETZINGER (Mischkonsum / Momentum League, DE)
October 15, 2015 06:13 AM PDT
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Freddy Hetzinger was born 1979 near Stuttgart/ Germany. Raised up in a musical spirited family, she early got involved and interested by different kinds of music. At the age of 16 she made her first steps into the rave scene by attending scores of events around Stuttgart. Inspired and exhausted by the groove and energy of electronic music she started with Djing in 1999. The following years she was part of a few projects and got scores of bookings and resident jobs in Stuttgart and other citys all over Germany. Since 2007 she is a resident part of the Legendary ToY Club in Stuttgart! Since 2009 she is producing her own sound. Three years later she created with her music partner Sash_liq their own Label Mischkonsum.


Tracklist :
Dani Sbert - Skizzo
Alberto Ruiz - Radar (Rosper Rmx)
Fracktion - Alien Crap
Stiv Hey - Kryptonite
Maymon - Biddanoa
Julian Jewell - Wax
Maymon - Dark Base
Peter Groskreutz - Janus (Iry Rmx)
Johnny Aemkel - Raw Soul
John Haden - Late Night Walk
Maymon - Strange Dreams
Rosper - Black Hole

HARD MINIMAL #54 by ELIOTT MANTIS (Parallel 125/Pendulum/FR)
September 16, 2015 01:31 AM PDT
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NFO, CONTACT, BOOKING, REMIX REQUEST: eliottmantis@live.fr

OFFICIAL PAGE: www.facebook.com/eliottmantis13?fref=ts

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1171760412

HARD MINIMAL #53 by FUNKBRAINER (Burlesque Musique / Among /!Organism / Monique Musique, FR)
August 15, 2015 01:24 AM PDT
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Funkbrainer est un jeune artiste du sud de la France actif en Live Act et dj Set. Melomane dans l’ame , sa techno est un melange de groove au dancefloor percutant ,et de mélodies douces et melancoliques.
Producteur doué & prolifique , il a signé des EP’s remarqués chez :
Burlesque Musique(AKA AKA label),Galore Music ( Martin Eyerer ; Lützenkirchen ); Plusquam Records ( Fatboy Slim ; Moguai ; John Acquaviva ), Among rec ( Amazone rec division) ,Momentum Leage ( Gui Boratto ; Kolektif Turmstrasse), ou encore Frequenza ( Maetrik, brian sanhaji) .
Ses prestations Live ou dj’s appréciées & remarquées lui ont permis de s’exprimer aux cotes des plus grands , dans toute la France ainsi que L'Europe dans des clubs et festivals de renommes tels que :
L’inox (Toulouse & Montpellier) , le rachedingue ( espagne ) ; Factory 12 (Luxembourg) ; Amnezik festival , La Villa Rouge (Montpellier) , le Spartacus (Aix en Provence) , Le Respubica (Bordeaux) , ou encore le Palace (marseille) ; le Zenith de Montpellier pour le United festival ; et beaucoups d'autres encore .


HARD MINIMAL #52 by NABIL BENN (Culturalis/fr)
July 15, 2015 12:13 AM PDT
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Originaire de Cavaillon fils d’un pére musicien baigne dans l’univers musical dés son plus jeune age . Aprés avoir a participé dans différentes soirées tels que “Le paris “ le “Cosy Pub” ou “l’annexe” pour les soirées “Vibe & Wine” . Été 2014 il eut sa premiére date à Paris au “Social Club” dont il fera le warm up pour “Chill Music” . Fin 2014 il créa son associations “Culturalis” . Culturalis née de l’association de 3 amis passionnés de techno et de la culture qui l’englobe. Parcourant les lieux et des évènements où la musique techno a toute son importance comme la Time Warp (Allemagne/ Italie), Awakenings (Pays-Bas), Weather Festival (France) ou encore les clubs les plus underground de la scène Berlinoise, Parisienne ou Amstellodamoise passant par la Croatie comme le Sonus. Culturalis c’est donc forgé une connaissance de la musique et de sa culture qui en a donné son nom, Culturalis vient du nom Culturel en latin.

Polar inertia - vertical
Elyas - camberwell
Cleric - sangha
Emmanuel - tunnels
Joton - core
Nikola Gala - climacus
Untold - keith karnal
Exium - human élément
Shlomo - rechaîm
Sigha - the politics of dying
Recondite - dgnr2

HARD MINIMAL #51 by MARTIN GRUEN (Season Records / Reclaim it all / K Sound, GER)
June 19, 2015 12:42 AM PDT
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Martin Gruen, born on the 13th of February 1990, starts to hear electronic music in the year of 2006, one year later he beganns to mix his favorite Music.
The first artists with many influence in his style was the old minus music like gaiser or heartthrob. After one year he developed his own style in 2007 martin gruens music would be darker and harder, he recorded his first sets by example the set with the best feedback (Martin Gruen Spezial presents Spooky MInimal).
At the same time he beganns to produce her own music, he release his first EP the "BEAL EP" Felix Lorusso and Ira&I release this track by the Label Cirque du Minimaliste" . He begins to release more music on different Labes like "Der Hut" or "Machine Box". In the year of 2011 Martin Gruens style would be more to Techno or especially Dark Techno he begins to play many gigs any weekend and release more Podcasts. He plays many gigs in different clubs or Open Airs in Hamburg, for example by Plastik or Reclaim it all. The importantly settings to make music is to stay underground and make music for the people and not for commercial purposes.
This way he pursues till this day.

Tracklist :
1. Claire - Down the Rabbit Hole (Unluck Remix)
2. Aleksander Grum - Local Talk (Original Mix)
3. Eggbox - Spotass (Original Mix)
4. 4Yo4U - When Daddy Found a Spliff (Original Mix)
5. MRDIE - Venus From Us (Original Mix)
6. Atelier MA@canique - Complement (NIUKID Rremix)
7. Sascha Ciccopiedi
8. Biotech - Chopped Coriander (Orginial Mix)
9. Claudio PRC, Svart 1 - Black Moon Part 2 (Deepbass Eclipse)
10. Sebastian Albrecht - Woodland (Dadive Remix)
11. Planctophop - Mutismus (Original Mix)
12. Stone Owl - Cremation Of Care (Original Mix)


HARD MINIMAL #50 by Alex Azo (Mekanism / Lya2007 / Dark&Sonorous)
April 19, 2015 09:11 AM PDT
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Alex Azo is an other project of Sheef Lentzki, more techno, and more black.
As a darkside of his personality, Started some years ago but for now no gigs played, he waiting for near perfection.
To follow 2 first show, the warm up of PERC at Rock To The Club Festival, and B2B with Krafmatisch at Rachdingue Club in Spain.


CW/A - Wounded
Yan Cook - Intruder
Positive Merge - Note
UZD - Fast Forward
Alex Azo - Blizzard (Forest People)
Drumcell - Departing Confort (P.A.S Remix)
Uron - Solard Wind
Loso - The Drummer (Dario Sorano Remix)
Flug - Viseral
Maxwell Church - Doldruk
SP X - X 5684
MPIA3 - Ely
Pharmakon - Process
Ascion - The Poetics Of Withdrawal ( Pfirter Remix)
Monolith - Rotation
Fixon - I'm Still Alive


HARD MINIMAL #49 by PATRICK ARBEZ (Silent Hell, Vi Tva Records, DE)
March 23, 2015 02:48 AM PDT
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Born in Henningsdorf near Berlin, his uncle, a musician, inspired him to become a musician himself in 1995. Since then, Patrick Arbez has travelled a long musical journey until 4 years ago, when he decided to specialize on Live Acts only. For those, he uses a laptop, novation remute sl and a variety of Virtual Studio Technologies.

In early 2014 Patrick released his second Album (Treibstoff - Vi Två Records) which went straight into the Beatport Top 100. And he keeps himself busy: two new vinyl releases on Delude Records are already under construction.

Patrick Arbez is always trying to build his very own, memorable sound. His style could be described best as a mix of dark minimal and melodic techno, although he is experimenting beyond genres as well.

tainted souls
real hell
devils chair (patrick arbez remix)
meeting evil
destille (patrick arbez remix)
antlitz gottes
cloud nine
der verfall (patrick arbez remix)
Codex Hammurapi
no name
vogelsang str.
ore bibla
tales of a strange man
story of anneliese


HARD MINIMAL #48 by EXTRA DRY (Amazon Records/Illegal Alien/Mekanism/FR)
February 17, 2015 11:15 PM PST
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1- Mark Morris - MM3 ( Attemporal Remix )
2 - VSK - 4x4 original mix
3 - Greenbeam & Leon - Vanadium original mix
4 - More infos soon.
5 - More infos soon.
6 - Roman Poncet - Circles original mix
7 - More infos soon.
8 - More infos soon.
9 - Joachim Spieth - Never Mind ( The Plant Worker remix )
10 - Funkbrainer & Extra Dry - Filofish ( Heron remix )
11 - YYYY - Confused ( Ricardo Garduno remix )
12 - Ben Gibson - Devine Process Original mix
13 - Voiski - From sea to sea Original mix

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