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HARD MINIMAL #38 by Luix Spectrum ((Techno Hub Records/Wicked Waves/ARM)
April 13, 2014 06:05 AM PDT
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Luis Guillermo López, with him artist name Luix Spectrum, Colombian Dj producer pioneer of Dark - Techno - Minimal - Progressive in Armenia, Quindio, He focused on electronic music since 2003, previously played on soundtracks of Rock, Metal , Hardcore, from 2000 until 2003, He learned to play guitar, drums. The year 2004 took Dj classes in BEATDJ where He motivated to experience with DJ software and music production which empirically He learned to use FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Platinum, Reason, by mid-2008, He studied sound engineer at the Fernando Sor Bogotá, learning to use Sonar, Cubase and MIDI controllers. There He began his Hard Techno and Schranz Djs career with A.K.A (Infector-X) him current name is Perkubazztor. He has shared the stage with national and international DJ's on the scene of the Hard Techno, Schranz, Techno, Minimal and House.

In early January 2009, He started producing Techno and its derivatives like Tech Minimal - Tech House - Progressive Techno - Dark Techno and others, giving a touch of hard, strong sounds, dark & industrial and now he is working with record labels recognized


Gene Karz - Bereavement (Darpa ''Back To Hard'' Remix) [Naughty Pills Records]
Alessandro Spaiani - Instability (Luix Spectrum Remix) [Criminal Zone Records]
Luix Spectrum & Cristian Glitch - Technocracy (Electrorites Remix) [Hybrid Confusion]
Darpa & Angy Kore - Earthquake (Original Mix) [Different Is Better]
Hardom - Dunkle Hart (Darpa's Letal Repaint) [Shout Records]
Kevin Witt - Leiterbahn (Luix Spectrum Remix) [TK Records]
Toby Rost - Take Anyway (Darpa Remix) [Rewashed Ldt]
2Loud - Plutonium (Uakoz Remix) [Cypher]
Luix Spectrum - Luxury (Diatek Remix) [Wicked Waves Recordings]
DOM1 - Supernatural Occurences (Luix Spectrum Remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
Luix Spectrum & Cristian Glitch - Technocracy (Drumloch Remix) [Hybrid Confusion]
Niereich & A-Brothers - Trinity Test (Sven Wittekind Mix) [Audio Stimulation]

HARD MINiMAL #37 by Remy Kruyer (wall music/stolen moments/NL)
March 10, 2014 02:38 AM PDT
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Son of a professional drummer, Remy was surrounded by music making at a young age. Studying many different kinds of music, he began to discover electronic music at the age of 12 and soon after bought his first technics and was buying records every weekend. Techno became the weapon of choice, influenced by early Detroit, Germany, Sweden and Italy.

With his strong passion for DJing he began to secure sets alongside some of the finest names around, having played on bills with…

MARKUS SUCKUT [SCKT/EarToGround/Figure/Modularz Stroboscopic Artefacts]
SIGHA [Our Circula Sound/Avian/Blueprint/Hotflush]
MIKE WALL [Wall Music/De-Konstrukt/Hidden/Reloading/Sleaze/Tic Tac Toe]
BAS MOOY [Audio Assault/Brood Audio/Mote-Evolver/Perc Trax/Silent Steps]

Production soon followed and he’s gaining a head of steam to say the least, releasing on Stolen Moments, Wall Music and DEAD CERT. Records remixed by Heron and Miss Sunshine. His latest offering on Parlez Music, sister to Decoy Records by Rebekah in Berlin includes remixes from Mike Wall and Jeff Rushin.

Expect plenty more quality releases in the near future…

For bookings and requests please send an email to


1. Nima Khak - Tribe Called Quest
2. Tomas Rubeck - Inster 03 (Mattias Fridell remix)
3. Rraph - White blood cells
4. Adam Beyer - Split
5. Pjotr G & Dubiosity - Wachs (Ground Loop remix)
6. Remy Kruyer - Into the system
7. Kwartz - Decadent grey (Conrad van Orton silent dub remix)
8. Advanced Human - Eternal Loneliness (Damon Wild remix)
9. Samuli Kemppi - Last Day On Earth
10.Psyk - Eclipse
11.Advanced Human - Fabryka
12.Adam Beyer - Remainings III
13.Advanced Human - Kairo
14.Synthek & Audiolouis - B2
15.Rraph - Eseries (Kwartz remix)
16.Chris Colburn - Stick or Twist

HARD MINIMAL #36 by Steven Campodonico (Der Traegerlose/Frucht/Shinocs/USA)
February 10, 2014 11:56 AM PST
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1. Ian Cris - A Red Eye in the Corner (Romport Remix) [Concepto Hipnotico]

2. RQ&SC - Sublimate (Original Mix) [RE~SET Audio]

3. MRDIE - Morphine (Andrea Giuliani & Luca Rosetti False Attack Remix) [Lithium]

4. Dani Sbert - Stimulation (Original Mix) [U.F.O. Recordings]

5. Sian - Farewell Mermaid (Original Mix) [Octopus Black Label]

6. Kpounkt - Evolution 0-100 [Picche Records Ltd]

7. Ixel - No Suicide (Original Mix) [Genesa Records]

8. Remotion - Neutral (Original Mix) [Konstrukt Records]

9. Steven Campodonico - Salamander Suspect (Original Mix) [EMINOR Binary]

10. Ian Cris - Urbanier (Rodrigo Quinonez Remix) [Rectangular]

11. Michael Knop - Full Contact (Original Mix) [Meleon Music]

12. Steven Campodonico - Transport (Original Mix) [DER Traegerlose HUT]

HARD MINIMAL #35 by KOPFNIKKER (Rectangular, Shinocs, GER)
January 11, 2014 06:37 AM PST
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Martin has started to mix vinyl in 2005. A good friend helped him with tips and techniques.
In 2008, he started to build his own tracks. With his good friend LO, he explored then produce the wide of the professional.
In october 2012, he released his first EP, the "Gloom EP" on Shinocsmusic label out.
His first album "With your Power LP" were released on Rectangular label.

Tracklist :
1.Cesare De Lucia- Stame (Original_Mix)
2.Jeff Sturm- Geklöppel (Kirchler Remix)
3.Whitelie - Survived (Kopfnikker remix)
4.Smokybeats- Deep_Devil (Comeback Kidt Remix)
5.Kopfnikker- Time For 9!! (Original Mix)
6.Kopfnikker & L.O - Taken (Original Mix)
7.Measure Divide- Runstrom (Original Mix)
8.Kopfnikker - Rolling Mill (Original Mix)
9.Tete & Rinari- The Rapid Smith (Original Mix)
11.Dirty Servant- Village Lunatic (Frank Sharp Remix)
12.Minitronik - Ice Cream (Kopfnikker Remix)
13.Kopfnikker- Dark Reflecion (Original Mix) unreleased

HARD MINIMAL #34 by Marco Asoleda (amazone rec/blindspot/fr)
December 10, 2013 03:29 PM PST
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(Amazone rec /Naked Lunch / Elektrax / Neverending /Hybrid Confusion /Coincidence /The Zone / Minimatracx / Impulsif / NB rec / Hypnotyk)

Tracklist :
1. Shader "Archetypes" _ Eklero (promo)
2. Mike Storm " Highlighted " _ Microfreaks
3. Mark Morris& Logotech " FHUNG " (promo)
4. Eric Fetcher " El taller electronico" _ Audiokraft (promo)
5. Andre Ramos " File 13 " True Type Tracks (promo)
6. Flug " Count In "_ Amazone LTD 12" (promo)
7. Andrei Morant "Blessed " Garrett Dillon rmx_ Dystopian Rhythm
8. Paul Mac "Like The Old Days " _ Amazone LTD 12" (promo)
9. Marco Asoleda " Dreamer" Peja rmx_ Packed Music (promo)
10. D.O.O.M " Node 1" _ Amazone (promo)
11. Urbano " AboveBoard " (promo)
12. P.God " Oberon" Ben Gibson rmx _ Shades 12" (promo)
13. Marco Asoleda " Blind" Niereich rmx_ Blind Spot (promo)
14. Empty Room "The Edge"_ Amazone
15. Red Square " The Core"_ Amazone
16. Peja " Spastics in the Attics"_ Amazone
17. Clouds ' Chained to a dead camel"_ Overlee Assembly
18. Empty Room " Coin" Ricardo Garduno rmx_ Amazone
19. Marco Asoleda " Pilou" M.A.D.A rmx_ Amazone LTD 12" (promo)

HARD MINIMAL #33 by Sync Therapy (heavy snatch/tk/fr)
November 12, 2013 12:04 PM PST
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French duo that leaves no one indifferent. Their productions are a delicious mix of minimal and techno, with dark sonorities, delivered as they come, without concessions. The quality of their own work and the atmosphere in this duo, whether in original or remix, allows them to enter in many labels such as Audio Stimulation / Hybrid Confusion / Darker Sounds / Mekanism / Naked Lunch / Pragmatik / Bass Assault and many others. To share more of their love Techno music, they founded the label Heavy Snatch Records in 2012 .

Ce duo Français ne laisse personne indifférent.Leurs productions sont un savoureux mélange de minimal et techno,aux sonorités dark,livrées comme elles viennent,sans concessions.La qualité de leur travail et l'ambiance propre à ce duo,que ce soit en original ou en remix, leur permet d'entrer chez plusieurs labels tels que Audio Stimulation / Hybrid Confusion / Darker Sounds / Mekanism / Naked Lunch / Pragmatik / Bass Assault / Gobsmacked et beaucoup d'autres.Pour partager encore plus leur amour de la musique Techno, ils fondent en 2012 le label Heavy Snatch Records.


1/ Go!Diva - Mob (Original Mix) Pragmatik
2/ Michel Lauriola - Kapuy (Original Mix) Crunch Control
3/ Mike Maass & Pappenheimer - We Control (Hackler & Kuch Remix) Black Circus
4/ Kneer & Koegler - Mighty Storm (Linus Quick Remix) Promo
5/ Michel Lauriola - Black Sonda (DavidChristoph Remix) Crunch Control
6/ Sync Therapy - Draak (Original Mix) TK Records
7/ Sync Therapy - No Harm (Original Mix) Promo
8/ A-Hat - Inspired (Niereich & Linus Quick Remix) Promo
9/ Deh Noizer & Niereich - Embrace (Original Mix) Abstract
10/ Monocraft - Goblin (A-Brothers Remix) Amazone
11/ Drumloch - Mahogany (Original Mix) Promo Supported and Played by :
Chris Liebing / Sven Wittekind / A-Brothers / Subfractal
Dave Clark / Niereich / Cortechs
GO! Diva / Albert Kraner / Flex / Electrorites
De Hessejung / Hefty / Drumloch
Horn Porn / Hystericmaniak and many more...

Promo / Contact / Booking:

Germany Booking:

HARD MINIMAL #32 by Tom Cohen (Blacklisted/Heavy Snatch/Fr)
October 10, 2013 10:22 AM PDT
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Emergent productor of the South of France, he defines himself as a dark techno, mental and impulsive to support and played DJ such as Hefty, Flex, Mike Maass , Octave
We find him on quality trays in club and festival of the South of France!
In 2013 it creates a new label in collaboration with Tom Eirh Called "Blacklisted Audio" it Chained in Parallel some Release and Production on many label such as Kopfmusik or Bass Assault..
Remixing recently by Brian Burger and Krenzlin ( Tresor )


Andreas-Tek_Kimbanda ( Kai Randy Michel Remix )
Destroyer_Compressed Porn ( Hystericmaniak Remix )
Linus Quick & Pappenheimer_Life Supporter ( Syntec Remix )
Dolby D & MicroCheep, Mollo_Unconscious ( Original Mix )
A-Brothers_A-Modular ( Original Mix )
Lukas Freudenberger & BrettHit_Konstrukted ( Original Mix )
Lukas Freudenberger & BrettHit_Saturate_Overdrive ( Original Mix )
KC1_Overclock ( Original Mix )
Cortechs, Hackler & Kuch_Working With Giants ( Original Mix )
Trigger Live_Escape ( Cortechs Remix )
Deh-Noizer & Niereich_Embrace ( Original Mix )
A-Brothers_It's enough to make your toes curl ( Original Mix )
Drumloch_Insomnia ( Cortechs Remix )…/557617804271969

HARD MINIMAL #31 by DYSFUNCKTION (minority rec/dark & sonorous/elektrax/fr)
September 09, 2013 12:12 PM PDT
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DYSFUNCKTION : Synonym of Techno - Deep Techno - Dub or Dark Techno by passing through Experimental to sounds - Heavy - Fat - Deep, Irrational and Dark at times.

Melodies often absent, although Kicks and Bass lines very present.
More of a slow Techno style, Fat and hypnotizing but very striking and very sweeping.
Co-Founder "Minority's" Records/Club/Booking/Party


Sternfrucht - Re:Axis - Coeter One
Ask Yourself - Plastikman - (Hefty Remix)
Borr - Gal Tsadok Hai
Unnamed - Felix Lorusso
Mass - Gal Tsadok Hai
Something Changed - Tiari (Coeter One remix)
Watson - Dysfuncktion & JC Laurent ( Forest People remix)
My Western - Tom Eirh
Crack is Whack - Hefty (Darmec remix)
Colonom - M.I.T.A

HARD MINIMAL #30 by EXCE (Hybrid Confusion,Heavy Snatch, Shout, IT)
August 10, 2013 01:37 AM PDT
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I'm Exce and I've been listening to music since childh...bla bla bla, same old junk! I'm completely ignorant about music, I can't even recognize notes. All I do is about sound shaping, trying to put my stuff together on a timeline path to communicate feelings and emotions. Rules? Yes, rythm and atmosphere"
Tracklist :
Noods - blink ( microcheep & mollo intro remix )
Unreleased track loops
Stevie wilson - at hell's door (derek pitral remix)
Logotech - mist (deh noizer rmx)
Unreleased track loops
Mita - translate the lies
Unreleased track loops
Exce - 1.2
Speedy j & chris liebing - magnit express
Niereich - suton (Luix spectrum rmx)
Hystericmaniak - poison (hackler & kuch rmx)
Spiriakos and steen - bag
Spiriakos and steen - groove tork
Exce - 1.3
Exce - contact (forthcoming)
Unreleased track loops

HARD MINIMAL #29 by EXTRACHAPED (pragmatik/darker sounds/hard minimal/fr)
July 11, 2013 11:23 AM PDT
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Extrachaped is a duet resident of hard minimal....


Twist3d - beneath the floor (gal tsadok haÎ remix)
Drumloch - insomnia (go!diva remix)
Pfirter - ahora (original mix)
Exce - 1.4 (original mix)
Rebekah - Equilibrium (original mix)
Andy white - Rectifier (original mix)
Kid mistik - Something dark (original mix)
Advanced Human and Developer - Noh funk (original mix)
Erphun - Absentee landlord (Alternate remix)
Gabeen and Mike Maass - Rising wind (original mix)
Sven Wittekind and Andre Walter aka Stigmata - The roots of the darkness (original mix)
Forest People - Leviathan (original mix)
Monocraft - Rasp (original_mix)
Octave - analog (original_mix)
Static Sense - Achromatic (Electrorites Remix)

EXTRACHAPED aka julius chap & ed sirat

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